Vicente Nicolau has more than 30 years of dedication to business and sales management within food, during his long career he has participated in various projects in different companies, from SMEs to leading companies in the sector.

Vicente Nicolau’s professional career began in 1987 in the commercial department of Jamones Nicolau, a family business founded by his father Enrique Nicolau, here he discovered that sales were his passion and where he was going to focus his professional career.

Initially, he focuses on locating and developing sales with existing clients and looking for new opportunities at the local level.

Later, in 1993 and after a change in the Jamones Nicolau business line, he joined as Commercial Director with the aim of developing the National Retail channel and international markets, especially European markets such as German, Benelux, Scandinavian markets and Italy. These markets were characterized by a great potential for the development of the company’s products, but also by a high level of difficulty because they were cultures very different from the Spanish and with a high level of demand in all commercial, production and quality processes. During this stage Jamones Nicolau had a constant growth and obtained great achievements in these markets and clients from various channels, the German market being the most important. In the national market, the company was introduced in large distribution chains such as Consum, Carrefour, DIA and Eroski among other companies and with its own brand Don Enrique, managing to transform the business model from being a small and local company to being a company medium, with a brand that reached consumers in more than 20 countries throughout Europe. To achieve this remainder, Vicente Nicolau relied on an internal and external sales team of various nationalities.

In 2004 he took on the challenge of directing Jamones Nicolau, becoming the manager. For this period, the company’s objective is to professionalize the company, incorporating new executives and developing talent and internal promotion of staff members. In addition, in previous years Jamones Nicolau has achieved a great weight of sale in international markets and must continue to maintain a high level of quality and standard in all internal processes and coordination between all departments. In this Jamones Nicolau decides to take a new step in the internationalization of the company and decides, together with other partners, to establish itself in Chile with the construction of a production plant Compañía Andina de Jamón Serrano, this project that is highly complicated and in which it also We incorporate partners takes us after 5 years to be the best known charcuterie brand in the country (7 Cumbres).

In 2013, Vicente Nicolau led the sale and integration of Jamones Nicolau to the Spanish Meat Leader Group, Vall Companys, this process took a year to consolidate and was consolidated in 2014 with an agreement for the integration of the commercial team and part of Jamones Nicolau in the Ham area of ​​the Vall Companys. Vicente Nicolau joined on January 1, 2014 as Export Manager and head of key National Retail accounts. In this period and with the incorporation of Vicente Nicolau, the company began a transformation of its model since its business model is purely industrial and wants to make the leap to the Retail and export channels. After a period of 2 years, the company consolidates with large projects in Europe and with the introduction of Retail chains in Spain.


In 2016 he joined Comapa, a company owned by Vall Companys, Comapa leader in sales of Ham in Spain, but with little experience in international markets. Comapa, with a turnover of more than 400M Euros, had the objective of becoming the Spanish leader in the sale of cured ham in the world. During this period, Vicente Nicolau’s responsibility is to help develop the strategy of the export area and develop it, looking for clients in the selected markets, participating in various fairs around the world, until closing collaboration agreements and market development. At this stage, markets such as Australia, North America and LATAM are added, achieving great agreements for the company during the more than 2 years that it participates in the project.

In 2019 and after a long career in the sales and export area, he founded REDFOOD, together with a team of professionals with training and experience in different areas of the company, his goal to contribute all their knowledge to help food companies improve the productivity of your sales and reach your expansion goals more quickly.